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Our Team
Welcome to Twin Lakes Marina

Welcome to Twin Lakes Marina located on the shore of beautiful North Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is one of only three glacial blue lakes in the world. North Twin Lake’s shoreline is dotted with residential development, while the South Lake remains in its undeveloped, natural state.

Twin Lakes is home to two county parks, three state parks, three state boat ramps, and a handicapped accessible dock–offering a variety of public picnic areas, shelters, and three playgrounds. Nature lovers can enjoy a stroll through Gutz Prairie–more than six acres of restored prairie on the edge of North Twin. Three sandy public beaches are located on the lake. Thirty-five percent of North Twin Lake’s shoreline–over two miles– is available for public use.

In 2004, brothers Mike and Rick Bennett purchased the Twin Lakes Marina, located on the southwest corner of North Twin Lake just across the road from the boat-loading ramp. We added storage facilities and we continue to improve and remodel the showroom. We are excited about our growth, both in our larger customer base and in our inventory and facilities.

Rick has been a property owner on North Twin for 34 years and a full time resident since 1999. Mike has been a property owner since 1996. Years of spending time on and around the lake have taught us a lot about what people value. We are a friendly, customer-oriented business that caters to the needs of families and friends of Twin Lakes and the surrounding areas. We look forward to the exciting years ahead.


Meet The Team

This is our unique and creative team who work together to bring you the best products.

Rick Bennett

Mike Bennett

Lyndsey Bennett

Brad VanMeter
Sales Manager

Wayne Rapple
Certified Mechanic

Pat Bennett
Computer Specialist